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 GS Submission 3.18.0 was released!

WARNING: Before you start working with the new version of the program open your base and save it over the old one using the Save Project As function. Now restart the program.

  • Added the automatic confirmation of e-mail messages from TGPs, which use AutoGallery Pro(SQL) v3 system.

    All our bases have been updated for confirming of these e-mail messages. If you use your own bases you should add a new masks in the confirmer according to following instructions:

    • Select desired e-mail message in the Confirmer panel and select a link (you should click on it) in the Links tab.
    • Then create a next rule: Search in: Links, When found: Do AGP3 Confirm.
    • Hit the Create Mask button.

    These masks must be created for every e-mail message of that kind.

  • You can put a value from any profile field to any other field from the profile or generator.

    For example, there is a Domain field (in a profile), which contain domain, where the gallery placed. And Folder field, which holds directory for gallery.

    With this new feature we can easily setup the rest of generator and profile fields and do not modify them anymore:

    • Let the ThumbURL (address of the 88x88 image on server) contain http://<#Domain#>/<#Folder#>/88x88.jpg.
    • And the Big Pic URL (address of the big image) contain http://<#Domain#>/<#Folder#>/big.jpg.
    • Set Domain parameter in generator to http://<#Domain#>/ and Folder parameter to <#Folder#>/.

    During the generation all parameters will be replaced with corresponding values.

    Therefore, when we create a new gallery we should just modify Domain and Folder fields in the profile. That will increase the speed of gallery generation.

    [View screenshot]

    You can fill up the fields of the Immediate type at the Sites panel in the same way.

  • Autosubmission process has been enhanced - now the submitter is able to get a value from one field and put it to another one.

    Let's examine this feature, for example, at XXX-Beauties TGP ( When submitting to this TGP it's necessary to type a special number (which is randomly generated) in corresponding field of the form (that field called manual). This number will be sent in a special hidden field, which called number.
    To make the program be able to get value from the hidden field and put it to the suitable one you must:

    1. Choose XXX-Beauties TGP at the Sites panel.
    2. Select the Get From data type in the drop-down list for the manual field on the form.
    3. Pick the number field in the appeared window.

    Now this TGP will be submitted in automatic mode. You can check your settings for mistakes by filling the form at the Browser panel using the Fill button.

    [View screenshot]

  • There is a new filter on the Profiles panel - Profile Data. It allows making a selection of sites based on a site personal information. For example, you can select TGPs that have partner account information specified in a personal profile.

    To perform it we have to select Profile Data filter at the Profiles panel. Set "Password" -> "Not Equal" -> "" in the appeared window, i.e. select all TGPs that have Password field non-empty.

  • Now it's available to save e-mail messages from the confirmer to disk.

    By using the Export Selected Message command the selected message can be saved. Export Message List command allows saving of all messages from the current list. Each message will be saved in a separate file in the specified directory. It is also possible to setup filenames in a flexible way.

  • New option in the Submitter panel in the Options tab - Load Images in Forms. When it's off the images in HTML-forms will not be displayed automaticaly.

  • Now you can stop loading the page in the Submitter, Browser and History panels by pressing the Esc key.

  • Load From File command in the Template tab of the Generator panel has been improved. Now, there is a filename of recently loaded file near the Load From File button. If you click the filename, then template will be updated from the disk.

Good luck!

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