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 GS Submission 3.16.1 was released!

Process of submission:

  • Added the submit page preloading in the submitter's manual queue. It means when you press Open and Fill button and the current page is loading, a few pages are preloading in the background at the same time. This mechanism has intended to speed up the manual submission. If preloaded pages stay unused for some time then the cache will be erased and program will load more suitable pages.

  • You can examine your submission results during the submission and after its completion. Now submitter's behavior depends on the page content. For example, if the program has discovered on the page text like "Temporarily Disabled", then this page will NOT be marked as failed one - it'll be placed in the particular group in the History. All pages on the History panel are distributed to groups now; the order of distribution depends on text on the submit pages or pages that contain result of submission. The groups can be set up at the Knowledge Base panel in the Result Groups tab.

  • Disabling of the image loading, ActiveX and Java affects the GS Submission only, not the other programs. Notice that Load Images and Enable Applets and ActiveX Components functions are affect only while manual submission, viewing history and viewing mail in the confirmer as HTML. Since now images, flash movies, etc. are ALWAYS disabled for the submitter's and confirmer's automatic queues. However, images and other components are always displayed at the Browser panel.

  • Added the automatic image loading in the forms in the manual queue. I.e., the submit codes will be shown even if images have been disabled. You can save your time and nerves with this feature.

  • The View Image function (in the context menu) now opens image in the browser window, instead of opening a new specialized one.

  • The process of image loading for recognition has been refashioned.

  • Fixed problem with the automatic submission to the TGPs (based on the Brownie script) that use new "smart protection". At the present time it's done in a primitive way - if GS Submission see an empty page with the link on it instead of the submit page then program will follow link and so on, until page with the submit form will be opened. If the page with the submit form has not been found after few tries then TGP will be marked as failed and will be moved to the manual queue. We're planning to enhance this algorithm soon.

History panel:

  • All pages on the History panel are distributed to groups now; the order of distribution depends on text on the submit pages or pages that contain result of submission. It looks like this:

    + Not Submitted - pages that were not submitted.
    + Manually Submitted - pages that were manually submitted.
    + Automatically Submitted - pages that were automatically submitted.
        + Success Group1 - subgroups of the pages that were automatically submitted.
        + Success Group2 - ...
        Site1 - pages that were automatically submitted, but haven't got into any group.
        Site2 - ...
    + Automatic Errors - pages that were automatically submitted with errors.
        + Error Group1 - different kinds of error groups.
        + Error Group2 - ...
        Site1 - errors that haven't got into any group.
        Site2 - ...
    + Warning Group1 - pages that contain "Temporarily Disabled", for example.
    + Warning Group2 - ...

  • Now you can save manual queue submission results.

Profiles panel:

  • Added the ability to specify SMTP/POP3 port in "host:port" notation. If port isn't specified then port 110 will be used for the POP3; port 25 will be used for SMTP by default.

  • You can select TGPs that provide partnership. The new filter type - Can Be allows you to search in the list for the particular value. For example, we want to request the partner accounts from all TGPs, that have partner submit forms. We should make a few sample galleries for them. To select those TGPs go the Profiles panel, set Site Profile filter and specify Path - Can Be - Partner. Program will choose all TGPs that have partner submit form.

  • Added Select fields sorting in the profiles. For example, Category field is sorted now.

Knowledge Base panel, Result Groups tab.

  • You can set up result groups in this tab. Possible group types:

    • Error - when an error occurs, page will be marked with the red color and moved to the manual queue. The content of the page that caused error will be logged to the history.
    • Warning - when the warning occurs, the submission of the site will be stopped. The page will not be marked and will not be moved to the manual queue. The content of the page that caused warning will be logged to the history.
    • Success - in the case of getting in the success group, the program doesn't any special actions.

    The pages have being analyzed before and after the submission. It's possible to define for each group the way when the program should use it - before submission, after it or in the both cases.

    Let's explain how it works. For example, we want TGPs (that don't accept galleries temporarily) not fall to the manual queue as failed to submit, but we want to mark them in the history some way. We do next things to perform this:

    1. Create a Warning group in the Result Groups at the Knowledge Base panel.
    2. Name it Temporarily Disabled, for example (name does not a special matter).
    3. Add to this group all possible key phrases that can present on the closed TGPs' pages. For example: "WE ARE CLOSED", " Temporarily Disabled", " temporarily closed".
    4. Turn on Before Submit and After Submit options at the Perform Search parameter to make this group apply before and after the submission.

    Now if some text from this group will be found while opening submit page or after form have been filled up and sent, then page will not be moved to the manual queue as failed one, but will be placed to the Temporarily Disabled group in the history.

    You can set up groups according to your liking.

    Those, who supports the base on his own, we recommend to refresh it using the new update system via Internet. Read further in the news on how to save personal settings of your base and update useful data at the same time.

Modifying the base:

  • The handling of "radio button" and "check box" fields has completely made over. Fixed the problem with filling of these fields.

  • Added the ability to move the elements in the Groups and Items lists at the Knowledge Base panel. This can be useful for more accurate category setting, for example.

Base updating via Internet:

  • Added the ability to avoid submitter base updating while updating via Internet. In other words, if you support your base by yourself, you can partially update your base from our server, saving your custom settings.

  • Improved progress indication.

  • The way of the update window displaying is refashioned. Now the program main window is hidden while updating.

Posting to the linklists:

  • Added the function of copying specified files to the site subdirectories while generating.

Miscellaneous changes:

  • Added the new handy tool for wiping Internet Explorer temporary files - Internet Cache Cleaner.

  • If there's no proxy server specified in the Internet Explorer, then the program sets the proxy to "None" at startup, otherwise it sets to the "IE Proxy".

  • Making of backup while using Save command. The current base will be copied to Base_Name.bak.fsp before saving.

  • Added the ability to edit lists directly from the keyboard. "Ins" to add, "Enter" to edit, "Del" to delete.

  • Delay parameter is set to the 2.5 seconds by default. This parameter means time of the delay before filled form will be sent to the server. If you set the big delay, we recommend you to increase the number of automatic queues.

  • The logging to the "gss.log" has been disabled.

  • Added the displaying of the license agreement at the program first launch.

  • After the submission is over, the statistics will show total submission time.

  • If you click on the message that popped up from the System Tray, the submitter will maximize its window (if it was minimized) and highlight the site in manual queue, that has printed that message.

  • Show Dialogs button does not affect the Browser now.

  • Fixed confirmer bug, concerning message text scrolling.

WARNING: Before you start working with the new version of the program open your base and save it over the old one using the Save Project As function. Now restart the program.

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