German Schnapps Submission   Submitting by e-mail

In order to add an e-mail submission, you should select the desired site in the Sites panel and choose 'add e-mail submission'. In the pop-up window you then choose the page type (Regular or Partner); and enter the recipient's e-mail address, Subject and Message Text. It's possible to use macros in the message text and you can find additional info about macros in the appropriate part of the manual.

The recipient's e-email can be entered in the format, Name

For any site in any profile it's possible to customize the unique submission data of the e-mail. For that, in the Profile panel, you should double-click the site, bringing up the dialog window Site Profile and fill in the appropriate fields.

The e-mail submissions only work in automatic mode and the Auto parameter in the site profile doesn't affect the e-mail submission. If the mail wasn't delivered, then the site is moved to the manual queue as an error. The errors can then be viewed in History panel.

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