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GS Submission is intended for automatic gallery and site submission to TGP (Thumbnail Gallery Post) and linklists. Program fill up HTML-forms (including complicated and multi-step ones) with user data and recognize most of submit codes (passphrases), acting as a real human!

You can make your own submit base or edit existing one. Also you can create a base for the specific purpose - e.g. base for web boards posting.

Program includes gallery and site generator and learnable confirmer.

System Requirements

  • Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 2003.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or better.
  • Pentium 200 MHz or better.
  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended).

Main program features

  • Handy profile system, which allows to:
    • Create a set of "virtual" webmasters, each with unique properties (name, e-mail, proxy-server, etc.) View screenshot 1, View screenshot 2
    • Define list of sites for submission.
      • You can disable desired sites in profile.
      • You can select only sites that exactly match the gallery specificity. View screenshot
    • Set up personal data for each site in each profile (partner account password, autoconfirmation password, etc.) View screenshot
    • You can put a value from any profile field to any other field from the profile or generator. View screenshot
    • GS Submission saves cookies separately for each profile automatically! Cookies will be automatically used while submitting, history reviewing or confirming.

  • Gallery and site generator, which allows to:
    • Create gallery without HTML editing. View screenshot
      • You can place gallery blocks (Thumb Block, Banner Block) arbitrarily, using mouse only.
      • You can position pictures in the gallery, using mouse only.
    • Create gallery with your own template. View screenshot
      • You can create template in any appropriate program (e.g. in Dreamweaver) and easily use it with GS Submission.
      • You can put any profile data in template by using special macroses. For example, <#Big Desc#> macros shall be replaced with the gallery description.
    • Put personal reciprocal link on each gallery page. View screenshot
    • Set up personal HTML-generation template for each profile.
    • Create separate HTML-page for desired site. View screenshot
    • Generate HTML-pages using site relationship - put reciprocal links of friendly to each other sites on the one page, and vice versa for hostile ones. View screenshot
    • Generate HTML-pages for linklists. View screenshot
      • You can generate them as a flat set of files or as files inside subdirectories.

  • Submitter, which allows to:
    • Submit pages automatically.
      • Submit automatically using up to 16 queues.
      • Fill up multi-step forms automatically. For example, if TGP has two forms to fill (on the first one - login/password, on the second one - gallery properties), the submitter will handle it easily in the automatic mode.
      • Recognize submit codes (passphrases) automatically. At the moment submitter can recognize most of them.
      • Set up delay before filled up page shall be sent to the server.
      • Specify number of attempts to open page and fill it up.
    • Submit pages in the manual (semi-automatic) mode.
      • Submit pages in arbitrary order.
      • Submit using handy hotkeys.
      • Move pages from the manual queue to the automatic and vice versa.
      • Update knowledge about submit pages directly from the submitter.
      • Fill up the form fields with the gallery data, using context menu.
      • Automatic image loading in the forms. I.e., the submit codes will be shown even if images have been disabled. You can save your time with this feature.
    • Speed up your submission process.
      • Disable images loading.
      • Disable ActiveX loading.
      • Disable popups.
      • Disable error messages and other JavaScript messages.
      • Submit page preloading in the submitter's manual queue.

  • Confirmer, which allows to:
    • Receive mail from the several mailboxes automatically.
    • Recognize links in the messages and confirm them automatically.
    • Confirming letters of any complexity (AGP3 letters as well).
    • Confirm by the reply message.
    • Search through the delivered messages.
    • Save partner account password to the profile directly from the confirmer.
    • Automatically delete messages from the server after receiving.
    • Ability to save letters from confirmer to disk. View screenshot

  • History page, which allows to:
    • Examine the submission results during the submission and after its completion.
    • Search through the submission history.
    • Resubmit pages if needed.
    • Update knowledge about submit forms, while history reviewing.

  • Easily base editing, which allows you to:
    • Update base from our server.
    • Edit base by yourself.
    • Make your own TGP and LL bases.
    • Make your own arbitrary bases (e.g. for posting to message boards).
    • Add reciprocal images without preloading to your hard disk.
    • Tweak the base - ability to learn the submitter. Full form filling control.
    • Add submit codes patterns.

  • Extra tools:
    • Built-in proxy checker.
    • Built-in cookie manager Internet cache cleaner.

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