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19.12.2009 - GS Submission 3.28.2 has been released

  • GS Submission now supports Windows 7

17.12.2009 - GS Submission 3.28.1 has been released

  • Generator: New macros feature was added. You can use macros in templates now.
  • Fixed several stability issues.
  • The TGP and Link-Lists databases were improved.

Have a nice day!

18.08.2007 - GS Submission 3.27.2 has been released!

  • The preview-image resizing algorithm was improved.
  • The "session database backups" feature has been added. After saving database first time, GSS create a backup named *.fsp.session.bak, after next savings it will create the other name *.fsp.bak. It allows you to repair your database any time from the fist backup.
  • The TGP and MGP databases were improved.

Have a nice day!

12.07.2007 - GS Submission 3.27.1 has been released!

  • Some changes to the "Profiles" panel. The "Can Submit" filter was improved.
  • Some changes to the "History" panel. A "Show Page" function has been added which allows you to view the current submit page in the "Sites" panel.
  • The Gallery Generator was optimized allowing the process speed to be increased.
  • The TGP database has been improved and many new TGPs were added.

Have a nice day!

12.05.2007 - Release of GS Submission 3.27.0

  • The ability to create Generator Rules was added.
  • A new Galleries Generator which is now much more easier and faster.
  • There is also a new capability to use masks (Regular Expressions) in the URL parameter.
  • Compatibility with Internet Explorer 7.
  • We added a Google Page Rank checker and a Back links Viewer.

10.06.2006 - GS Submission 3.25.0

  • Message source viewer was added in Confirmer.
  • URLs generation without index.html, for example. This feature maybe helpful for Link List posters.
  • Postfix parameter for generation HTML filenames was added.
  • New hot keys in List Editor menu:

    Enter – close the window and apply changes.
    Esc – close the window.

    Del – delete category from the selection.
    Ins – add category to the selection.

    Ctrl+Up – move category up.
    Ctrl+Down – move category down.

    F2 – rename preset.

    Also you can use Drag and Drop to move categories.

Have a nice day!

27.03.2006 - GS Submission 3.24.0 was released

  • Generator of the Preview Images was added.
  • Function of choosing the categories at Profiles panel was improved. See List Editor function at Profiles panel.
  • Generator panel: Now you can use up to 30 recips on one page.
  • Contains Category Recips filter at Sites panel was added.

19.12.2005 - GS Submission Online Shop

More information here -

01.09.2005 - GS Submission 3.23.0 was released

  • Added a Recips Category. Now you can add your own recip for each category of every site.
  • Added a wildcard feature. To use it Click on Link field on the Sites panel.
  • The stability of the database has been improved.
Good luck!

20.06.2005 - GS Submission 3.22.1 was released!

  • Now you can work with the groups in History panel. Using Ctrl+Z function you can mark all the sites in the group as not submitted.
  • Now you can preview text recips as HTML - see View Text as HTML in the site's properties. Extra feature - 3 x 3 Table allows you to see the text recip among the others.
  • Submit logs added. You can switch it on at Utilities - Log Operations. Logs are saved in the gss.log file in the GS Submission work directory.
  • You can automatically delete graphic recips when adding a text one (optional).
  • The problem with the generation and importing of fields like Text Area has been fixed. (relates to the generation of information about the gallery to the !info.txt file.

18.05.2005 - GS Submission 3.22.0 was released!

  • Added the option of submitting by e-mail.
  • Added HTTP proxy support with authorization by login/password and SOCKS proxy support.
  • The display of the submission results in the History panel has been improved.

Good luck!

10.04.2005 - GS Submission 3.21.2 was released!

  • You can now make notes for a site. You can add and modify notes at the Submitter, History and Sites panels in Notes tab. The Note tab will be automatically be shown while viewing in the Submitter, History and Sites panels (this function can be disabled). The notes kept in Profiles will not be modified during database updates.
  • A Buddy Browser tab had been added to the Browser panel. It was made for traffic analysis of the currently opened site and this function could be useful when adding new sites to the database. Traffic analysis is made by by default, but you can use any other similar resource.
    You can save URLs for Buddy Browser. As usual, you should press Alt+Enter to add and Alt+Delete to delete.
  • A Check Gallery function had been added to the Submitter panel. It checks the gallery which will be submitted to the current TGP for the errors. Checker is also capable of checking sites. You can open Checker from the Utilities menu on the Main Toolbar.
    At the present time Checker is at the beta-testing level, so we'd appreciate your reporting all Checker bugs on our forum.
  • From now you can use Ctrl+Z combination in Confirmer to mark letter as nonconfirmed, like in history and submit.
  • The macro errors problem with recips during the generation process has been fixed.

06.02.2005 - GS Submission 3.21.1 was released!

  • Added a test mode for submission. Check it in the Utilities menu, function Test Submission Mode. When you post using the test mode the program doesn't submit the form after it is filled in but the completed forms will be saved in the submission history.
  • Fixed a bug related to the filling in of some forms.
  • Now you will no longer lose the content of the last opened page when you get back to the History panel.
  • You can search in the History panel by URLs and page titles as well as by the page content.
  • Now when you add a reciprocal link (and while using some other functions of the context menu) the site will be identified by the submit page URL, and not by the page URL. Formerly it was tricky to add sites that have their submission pages at different domains (like "Worldsex").

03.01.2005 - GS Submission 3.21.0 was released!

  • Now links will be clicked automatically during automatic submission. Therefore TGPs like WorldSex, AL4A and such can be submitted automatically. Read here for details.
  • Switch between different accounts with the Logout button.
  • Browsing without images is available again in the built-in browser – this option will be taken from the external browser.
  • History panel has been changed. Now if you go to another panel and then get back to History, the cursor remain at the same place as before.
  • Submitter panel has been changed. Added a Browse Page button (open page in browser) and the number of auto queues had been increased to 35.
  • Fixed bugs in confirmer – a problem with deletion and editing of masks and “buggy” letters delivering.

You can download GS Submission 3.21.0 from our site –

Good luck!

31.12.2004 - Happy new year!

Happy new 2005!

Good luck!

26.12.2004 - Gallery templates almost for free!

The German Schnapps company does its best to satisfy its clients needs - that's why we continue to offer you new exclusive services and special offers. We have now launched a friendly design studio, which offers gallery design at an affordable price - 5$ per gallery. Of course, we will try to meet the personal needs of every customer, but the most important news is that there's a special 20% discount for all GSS clients! Just specify your GSS username when placing your order.

Good luck!

07.11.2004 - GS Submission 3.20.0

  • Added flexible task scheduler. Click here for details.
  • Enhanced recognition of submit codes. Now program recognizes codes made with "Comus Thumbs" script and a lot of others.

Good luck!

12.10.2004 - GS Submission 3.19.0

ATTENTION: First of all you must launch the new version of GS Submission, open your base then use Save Project As to save it over an old one. Then restart program!

  • Now you can disable profile cookies. Turn off Use Per-Profile Cookies function in the Utilities menu at the main toolbar.

  • New submit code recognition. You can specify a pattern for recognition for each site in the Sites panel. Due to it the speed of recognition will increase.

  • Now it's available to specify unique Delay value for any site (TGP or linklist). That value means the time program waits before sending a filled form to the server. Set the delay in seconds in the Sites panel in submit page property. If it set to nil then delay value will be taken from Options in Submitter panel.

  • There is a new feature in confirmer - you can use masks in Masks tab. You can filter the masks (Filter) and delete them (Clear Mask List).

  • More new functions in the confirmer: Show Site - if program recognized sender of a letter, then jump to site (the letter was sent from) at the Sites panel; Show Site Profile - if program recognized sender of a letter, then jump to site (the letter was sent from) at the Profiles panel

  • Added a new filter (Contains Recognize) to the Sites panel. It allows to pick all sites that use submit codes.

  • Added sorting in knowledge base in Relations tab.

  • New buttons added to Relations tab - Add All To Friends and Add All To Enemy. Using these functions you can tune relationships between sites more precisely.

  • Changes in profile panel. If a text field has a limitation for the length, you can see number of characters that can be typed at left corner of bottom side of the program window.

  • The base backup copy will be saved as base_name.fsp.bak since now.

  • Now there's one copy of the program for all accounts.

ATTENTION: First of all you must launch the new version of GS Submission, open your base then use Save Project As to save it over an old one. Then restart program!

More Information...

03.07.2004 - GS Submission 3.18.0 was released!

WARNING: Before you start working with the new version of the program open your base and save it over the old one using the Save Project As function. Now restart the program.

  • Added the automatic confirmation of e-mail messages from TGPs, which use AutoGallery Pro(SQL) v3 system.
  • You can put a value from any profile field to any other field from the profile or generator.
  • Autosubmission process has been enhanced - now the submitter is able to get a value from one field and put it to another one.
  • There is a new filter on the Profiles panel - Profile Data. It allows making a selection of sites based on a site personal information. For example, you can select TGPs that have partner account information specified in a personal profile.
  • Now it's available to save e-mail messages from the confirmer to disk.
  • New option in the Submitter panel in the Options tab - Load Images in Forms. When it's off the images in HTML-forms will not be displayed automaticaly.
  • Now you can stop loading the page in the Submitter, Browser and History panels by pressing the Esc key.
  • Load From File command in the Template tab of the Generator panel has been improved. Now, there is a filename of recently loaded file near the Load From File button. If you click the filename, then template will be updated from the disk.

Good luck!

More Information...

21.06.2004 - New TGP base

Let us introduce the new TGP base, which was created on basis of statistics analysis. It consists of TGPs that bring you a real traffic! There are 850 records in base at the moment.

Send your comments by email –

26.05.2004 - GS Submission 3.17.0 was released!

  • Now you can import data from other projects. To import data use Update \ Import command on the main toolbar then choose update method – Import From Local Project and specify path to the project file.
  • Project update via Internet improved – site list sorting added.
  • Changes in the generator – now the program will not trim slashes automatically in the URL field in Recips tab.

Good luck!

26.05.2004 - Now we have a partnership program!

We pay 25% per sale and 10% of rebills. Look here for details –

26.05.2004 - We decreased the monthly payments

Now account for a three months costs only 100$.

05.05.2004 - The new version of the program - GS Submission 3.16.2

WARNING: Before you start working with the new version of the program open your base and save it over the old one using the Save Project As function. Now restart the program.

  • You can save cookies separately for each profile now. Cookies will be automatically used while submitting, history reviewing or confirming. Notice that big amount of cookies can cause a slight delay while exiting the program.
  • Added the ability to disable page preloading in the manual submission mode. Just disable Preload Sites option in the Options tab on the Submitter panel.
  • The process of manual and automatic submission has been enhanced. Fixed submission speed decreasing bugs.
  • Fixed bug that appears when you try to generate pages for the linklists without reciprocals.

Good Luck!

28.04.2004 - GS Submission 3.16.2 Beta now available for testing

You can download it in the customer's area, here is the changelog.

15.04.2004 - GS Submission 3.16.1 was released!

WARNING: Before you start working with the new version of the program open your base and save it over the old one using the Save Project As function. Now restart the program.

Brief list of changes and new features:
  • Added the submit page preloading in the submitter’s manual queue.
  • Now it’s available to examine your submission results during the submission and after its completion. You can set up parameters of the results processing at the Result Groups tab, which placed at the Knowledge Base panel.
  • Added the automatic image loading in the forms for the manual queue.
  • All pages on the History panel are distributed to the groups, depending on submit pages or result pages content.
  • Improved base updating via Internet. Added feature that allows you to avoid modifying of the knowledge base and removing of pages.
  • Changes on the Profiles panel. Now you can specify SMTP/POP3 ports. Added a new filter for work with TGPs, that support partner accounts. Added automatic Category field sorting and other fields of Select type.
  • The handling of “radio button” and “check box” fields has been completely made over.
  • Posting to the linklists: added the function of copying specified files to the site subdirectories while generating.
  • Added the new handy function to the Utilities menu – Internet Cache Cleaner. It’s intended to clean out the Internet Explorer temporary files.
  • Added base backuping while using Save command.
  • New bases were added: Movies TGP (577 pages), Hardcore LL (402 pages), Amateur LL (383 pages).

More Information...

09.04.2004 - The FTP Recip Uploader is enhanced

Read more in the customre's area.

05.04.2004 - New base was added

Base for submitting at Movies TGP (MGP) was added. You can download it in the customer's area.

04.04.2004 - New bases were added

Two bases for submitting at Link Lists (Amateur and Hardcore niches) were added. You can download them in the customer's area.

04.04.2004 - GS Submission 3.16.0 Beta now available for testing

Download it in the customer's area, here is the changelog.

17.01.2004 - GS Submission 3.15.0

  • Fixed form analyzing bug, which applies for some Autogallery 3.0 forms. Bug report was received from the forum.
  • Any JavaScript messages (e.g. Too short description!) are blocked during autosubmission now. You can see blocked messages in the system tray. Page, which shows the error message will be moved to the manual queue.
  • New macroses were added to the generator. Each macros corresponds to the apropriate profile field. For example, <#Big Desc#> macros will be replaced with the gallery description. The idea has came from the forum.
  • Fixed linklist page generation bug. Bug report was received from the forum.
  • The Update button was added to the History panel. You can update the failed page directly form the History panel.
  • Now the TGP relationship will be taken into account, when the reciprocal links grouping mode is set to Fixed Random .
  • All lists are sorted by default.
  • Some buttons have got more suitable names.

07.12.2003 - GS Submission 3.14.2

  • Added a new Site Profile filtering mode on the Profiles panel. It allows you to filter TGPs by the submit page type. For example, you can select all TGPs that have a partner submit page (Partner).
  • If the TGP does not have a regular submit form (Regular), partner form will be used by default.
  • When you change a user profile current TGP selection stays the same.
  • Move Up and Move Down buttons have been added to the Profiles panel, so you can arrange profiles list like you want.
  • By pressing Page button at the Submitter or the History panel, the corresponding submit page will be selected at the Sites panel.
  • The recognition of the submit codes (passphrases) is enhanced.

Older news are skiped.

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