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19.12.2009 - GS Submission 3.28.2 has been released

  • GS Submission now supports Windows 7

17.12.2009 - GS Submission 3.28.1 has been released

  • Generator: New macros feature was added. You can use macros in templates now.
  • Fixed several stability issues.
  • The TGP and Link-Lists databases were improved.

Have a nice day!

18.08.2007 - GS Submission 3.27.2 has been released!

  • The preview-image resizing algorithm was improved.
  • The "session database backups" feature has been added. After saving database first time, GSS create a backup named *.fsp.session.bak, after next savings it will create the other name *.fsp.bak. It allows you to repair your database any time from the fist backup.
  • The TGP and MGP databases were improved.

Have a nice day!

12.07.2007 - GS Submission 3.27.1 has been released!

  • Some changes to the "Profiles" panel. The "Can Submit" filter was improved.
  • Some changes to the "History" panel. A "Show Page" function has been added which allows you to view the current submit page in the "Sites" panel.
  • The Gallery Generator was optimized allowing the process speed to be increased.
  • The TGP database has been improved and many new TGPs were added.

Have a nice day!

12.05.2007 - Release of GS Submission 3.27.0

  • The ability to create Generator Rules was added.
  • A new Galleries Generator which is now much more easier and faster.
  • There is also a new capability to use masks (Regular Expressions) in the URL parameter.
  • Compatibility with Internet Explorer 7.
  • We added a Google Page Rank checker and a Back links Viewer.

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